Payment Gateway Frequently Asked Questions



White Label Enquiries

Cardstream is PCI DSS Level 1 UK Payment Gateway offering white label payment solutions to resellers worldwide.

A white label payment gateway is a rebranded version of the Cardstream platform. The reseller’s end merchant does not have any interaction with Cardstream as every touch point, such as the payment page, APIs, modules and Merchant Management System, is fully branded for the reseller. The reseller owns the merchant and controls the fees that are charged. 

Cardstream has been trading since 1999. Over this time, we have been tailoring a platform designed to accommodate white label solutions.

White labelling a payment gateway allows you to offer a payments service for cards via a leading technology, without the heavy, ongoing costs. By offering an additional service such as Cardstream, you boost your brand visibility and strengthen existing client loyalty by providing a comprehensive, value-added solution.

Your merchants will have access to a fully branded payment page or Virtual Terminal to take card details from their customers. The payment pages and Virtual Terminal will be sat on the reseller’s own company URL. Merchants have a web based portal to monitor all transactions and manage their gateway security through a customised Merchant Management System, fully managed by Cardstream but fully branded for the reseller.

As a UK based payment gateway, Cardstream has direct integrations and accreditations with all UK acquiring banks. As the company has grown globally with new partnerships, we have expanded our connections across many of the European acquirers, as well as globally. This means we can onboard businesses across Europe, Asia, North America and Mexico too.

Any platform that has payments involved, or a large base of merchants. Existing sectors include: Indepedent Sales Organisations (ISOs), Acquirers, Payment Service Providers, Ticketing and Booking Agencies, E-Commerce service providers and software platforms.

No. Cardstream remains anonymous, allowing you to sell your business your way. All interactions that the merchants have with the reseller, although managed by Cardstream, are seen as coming from the reseller. Cardstream is the technology partner in the background, offering a responsive technical support and account management team who can be consulted and present on behalf of the reseller's brand.

Cardstream’s service is turn-key. We have the platform ready to rebrand. We work with you at a personal level to accommodate your business needs. All that’s needed are the contract formalities and then the platform and support materials are rebranded for you. 

Please contact a sales agent on 0845 00 99 575 to discuss our fees and time frames further.

Functionality Enquiries

The Cardstream platform accepts transactions in all major currencies worldwide.

Cardstream offers tokenisation as standard with no additional fees. Every transaction passed through the gateway is tokenised with a cross reference. Tokenisation with Cardstream, as used to identify transactions within our system, greatly extends a transaction's operational life (for example, refunds may be performed up to 403 days after issuance of a token) and enable repeat transactions. 

Yes, the Cardstream recurring billing platform is versatile and accommodates many types of repeat payment cycles, such as daily and monthly, with the flexibility to change the first and last billing amounts.

Cardstream facilitates ECOM (ecommerce) and MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) payments. These are primarily facilitated by our flexible and re-brandable Payment Gateway, Virtual Terminal and Pay Button. We also offer popular alternatives in tandem with the Cardstream integration, such as PayPal, MasterPass and AndroidPay.

Cardstream’s API is completely flexible. Aside from having multiple SDKs for apps on popular mobile platforms, such as Apple, Android and Python, we also have two main forms of integration: Hosted and Direct Integration. Our Hosted option processes all transactions on our secure server by redirect, limiting your PCI DSS SAQ requirements. Our Direct option offers seamless payment on your website, with payment information being collected on your website.

Cardstream will give a near-instant response to the cardholder when they attempt a transaction. We can also send the merchant and the cardholder a receipt to confirm the transaction’s success if you require. If you needed to look at the transaction further, the Cardstream MMS (merchant management system) updates processing history in real time.

In addition to offering AVS, CV2 and 3D Secure as a standard, we offer tokenisation, velocity checking, BIN blocking and more besides. Cardstream does not charge for either its standard or additional fraud check functions. Cardstream has integrated with third party fraud solutions for merchants looking for particular fraud security options. 

General Support Enquiries

Cardstream has integrations with the major shopping carts any many additional integrations, such as Xero accountancy software. To find our list of integrations, please follow this link.

Cardstream's technical integrations are led by the requests and needs of our partners. In the event that something is not present in the list, please contact your account manager directly for advice on adding your integration needs to the list.

Cardstream is able to process all major credit and debit cards. This includes American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Diners Club.

The cardholder and merchant will know instantly whether or not a transaction has been successful. Once this has occurred, the settlement period may differ from acquiring bank to acquiring bank - this is something that acquirer and merchant agree separately. However, as a general guide, card payments usually settle within two to five working days.

Cardstream specialises in offering card payments services online. However, we partner effectively with many organisations that also offer alternative payment methods such as Direct Debit, fitting our service seamlessly within their specialism.

This may be what is referred to as a ghost payment. The funds have not moved from the account - they are just unavailable. The cardholder should contact their Issuing Bank to learn the cause of the decline.

The merchant may be putting the wrong details in their integration. They should double-check their integration. If the issue persists, please consult your account manager for further assistance.