Gateway Capabilities


Virtual Terminal

Secure Virtual Terminal

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Payment automation is becoming more important in business today. IVR solutions provide a reliable and cost effective way of providing 24/7 card payments. Cardstream’s payment gateway has proven to operate well with leading IVR specialists and merchants who require this level of automation and sophistication.

The Cardstream Payment Gateway is currently processing IVR card payments across many industries, from parking and PCN,  to financial services and local authorities. The use of IVR and our payment gateway has demonstrably reduced the manual input requirements of staff processing payments.


Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal has been designed for merchants to use with ease when taking mail order or secure telephone payments. The secure environment allows a user to process credit and debit card payments, as well as refund transactions, all in real time.

MMS users are able to operate the system under different permissions. This is an ideal solution for call centres, sales clerks and larger organisations who wish to restrict the ability to view transaction information or process refunds. The Virtual Terminal is a web based portal and can be easily accessed through a desktop, tablet or mobile device.