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Shopping Cart Integration

We're not all technical people. Cardstream recognises this fact and offers help with integration to all merchants.

Whilst our service is already integrated into many off-the-shelf shopping cart systems, there are literally hundreds of different systems out there so it is possible that you might find a cart without a Cardstream module built in. If so, we would like to help. Our in-house development team can assist with your integration and get you trading online quickly and painlessly.

We can also help with integration into bespoke systems and liaise with or provide assistance to your web developers.

What does it cost?

We would like to be integrated into as many shopping cart systems as possible, so where we see a benefit to our being integrated with a particular system, we will often complete this work free of charge for the benefit of both our client, and our future clients using that system. In the case of bespoke integrations where the merchant has a large transaction volume, we will usually look to complete this work without charge or at a discounted rate. Each case is viewed on its own merits and where a labour fee is levied, it is done so at a discount on our normal hourly rate.