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Bespoke Website Design and Development

Cardstream employs a team of skilled website designers and developers, each having many years' commercial experience in website and e-commerce development. We can be involved in the production of your e-commerce website right from the drawing board, through the development process, setting up your hosting servers and then securely processing your transactions. Whether you are looking for a website that is perfectly tailored for you, or whether you wish to customise an existing shopping platform, Cardstream has the expertise to help.

Graphic Design

Our experienced in-house designers will work with any existing brand material you may have to create a design that's unique to your website. You will be involved throughout the design process to ensure that the finished product looks the way you want it to.

W3C Standards Compliance

All website code produced by Cardstream conforms to the applicable W3C standards and provides basic accessibility compliance. We can write code for all levels of accessibility compliance, right up to AAA standard, and all our code performs well in major search engines.

Zend Certified PHP & MySQL

Dynamic application code for your website is written in PHP - the world's largest open source scripting language (as used by the world's busiest websites: Facebook, YouTube etc.) - by a Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE). This ensures that your website features the very highest standard of code, speed of application and protection from attacks by malicious users.

W3C Standards Compliance

PHP integrates seamlessly with the world's best and most stable open source database server, MySQL. Each of our developers is highly experienced in writing advanced SQL database queries, ensuring your website is fast and responsive for your users. MySQL has a much lower total cost of ownership than other database servers, yet provides similar performance and stability. It is used on websites the world over, including Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo! and even Google!

Search Engine Optimisation

Every website we produce is pre-optimised for search engine performance and features SEO controls within the administration section of the website. Further, we will install analytics software and conversion tracking of your choice.